Gardenreet 75W/150W/300W/600W/900W Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer, 120V AC to 12V~22V AC,Stainlees Steel Shield, Outdoor Transformer for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting, Spotlight, Pathway Light (ETL Listed)

$142.70 $147.11

  • Multi-tap Output - 75W/150W/300W/600W/900W landscape lighting transformer, converts 120V AC household voltage to 12V~22V safe voltage and outputs stable current. The multi-tap output design allows you to preserve the old circuit lighting and add new circuit lighting with more options.
  • Durable & Waterproof - Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel transformers, you can enjoy the outdoor landscape lighting from the transformer with peace of mind when the heat and humidity or heavy rains come. The IP65 weatherproof stainless steel metal case prevents rainwater from entering, so you don't have to worry about it and use it with peace of mind.
  • Magnetic Toroidal Core - With high performance magnetic toroidal core, you can enjoy the outdoor low voltage landscape lights view at night without worrying about being disturbed because it is quiet. With lower operating temperatures, you don't have to worry about overheating damaging the device.
  • Work with Timer & Photocell Sensor - Low voltage landscape transformer timer and photocell sensor ports are supported, and you can choose your preferred brand of photocell sensor (bought separately) and timer (Only 75W comes with it, the others are bought separately) for light sensing and timing functions.
  • Automatic Circuit Breaker - Built-in automatic circuit breaker allows you to add LED lights,volt landscape lighting, no need to worry about circuit overload or short circuit and burn the transformer, because it will immediately disconnect to protect your electricity safety. The product has ETC certification and is of reliable quality.
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The Gardenreet Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer

Multi-Tap Output

The multi-tap output design allows you to add or reduce new circuits to connect to low-voltage landscape lighting around the house. Under the AC voltage, insert any one of the cables into COM1 and the other cable into any one of the 12~15V taps. When selecting the tap, the principle of longer wire indicating higher voltage should be followed.

Timer & Photocell Port Available

Outdoor lighting transformer timer and photocell ports allow you to add your photocell sensor (not included) and timer (only 75W transformer is included, others need to be purchased separately), and you can also connect the transformer to your smart plug for use.

Durable & Waterproof

Low voltage lighting transformer with heavy-duty stainless steel, no matter what bad weather comes your way, you can enjoy the outdoor portfolio landscape lighting from the transformer with peace of mind. The durable shield with locking clips is tightly locked to prevent water entry, so you do not have to worry about its service life and safety when you are using it.

High Performance Magnetic Toroidal Core

Outdoor transformer wih Magnetic toroidal cores provide high performance, high reliability and low temperature operations, making your equipment more durable.

ETL Certification

The transformer complies with ETL certification, the authoritative safety certification can make your electrical safety and give you high-quality experience.

Lower voltage for more safety

With 12V-15V AC low voltage output, it is safer compared to high voltage, which not only reduces the risk of electric shock but also consumes less electricity, saving your electricity bill.

Heavy duty 304 stainless steel

The transformer metal case is made of 304 stainless steel material, which is corrosion, friction, and oxidation resistant. High-quality quality can be continuously provided for you.

IP65 protection

With IP65-rated dust/water protection, you can focus on watering your plants without worrying about splashing on top of the transformer.

Protected by a heavy-duty 304 stainless steel metal case, you can use it rain or shine. The multi-tap design allows you the freedom to add your outdoor landscape wiring. The high-performance toroidal core provides you with a highly stable current source with very low power consumption, saving you money.

  • 12V/13V/14V/15V Multi-Tap Output
  • Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel case
  • Durable & Waterproof
  • Timer & Photocell Port Available
  • High Performance Magnetic Toroidal Core
  • Automatic Circuit Breaker
  • Resistant to corrosion, oxidation and friction
  • With ELT safety certification

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Jeanette Fritz
Looks great, works even better

I bought this to power some led color changing outdoor light fixtures for my back yard. I like the stainless steel look and it has more than enough capacity to power 16 fixtures. I was able to make it into a smart device by wiring in a WiFi switch into the timer port that was already presentmade the whole process so simple. It seems very well constructed and designed and I would recommend

Dawn Booth
Good overall quality.

Really like the way the multi tap ports are set up including the 4 commons which make it very easy to connect 4 separate wires as I did from either side of the yard. Construction of the stainless steel box is good. Also appreciate the quiet buzz free operation. Had to purchase timer separate but once set there's an outlet in the box that it plugs into. When plugged in, the timer covers the multi- tap ports a little but it can easily be removed to view that area better.

Billy J Arment
Good Power Supply!

After looking around for a while, I settled on this brand. This replaced a 10+ yr old 900w power supply as the transformer was delaminating and I got a buzz and thud from the inrush current when it turned on. I upgraded all of my outdoor lighting to LED and have a MUCH lower load, around 150w now days. I added the photocell so I don't have to mess around with a timer when DST kicks in. It worked as it should and the higher voltages are nice for longer runs. I plan to add a run to the back of my house that is about 75ft and the 15v will come in handy for cable loss.

I only rated it as 4 stars for now until it has been in service for a while, but first impressions are it is well build, sturdy housing and fits my needs to run 10-10w floods and 9-4w path lights with ease.

*******7/2021 Update*******
Upgraded to 5 stars as I figured if it kept working after 6 most, it should last. No issues, got the optional electric eye, comes on and off when it should and no more adjusting timers due to shorter or longer days!

Working great

The transformer is working great.

Install went great

I hired an installer to install he had it done in under 2 hours, most of it was raking the mulch back then me ok the placement.

Danny Smith


Parker Smith
Great experience

Nice products, good website, easy transaction. Quickly shipped and received.

Teresa Novicki
Well made product

I'm very happy with the sturdiness of the lights and transformer. Very well made. Good price too. Other vendors kept coming up when I searched for landscape lighting. I wasn't satisfied with what I saw but when I viewed Gardenreet pathway lighting, it had the qualities I was looking for - and more!

300 W transformer

I purchased 2 Transformers in Feb/March 2023. The transformers worked great for 3 months but we started having issues with one of them for 1 month now. Finally after just 4 months it is not working at all. I tried calling Gardenreet, sent an email to customer support but they never respond. I am now buying a transformer from Amazon and it is much cheaper then what is listed here. Their customer support is zero and it is a waste of my time and investment for a product that only lasted few months.

Alejandro Soto

Gardenreet 75W/150W/300W/600W/900W Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer, 120V AC to 12V~22V AC,Stainlees Steel Shield, Outdoor Transformer for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting, Spotlight, Pathway Light (ETL Listed)