In-Ground Well Lights

Dive into our curated collection of brass low voltage in-ground well lights. Crafted in rich bronze, these 12v LED lights are the perfect accents for your outdoor spaces. Illuminate trees, garden pathways, or your patio with a warm glow. Our in-ground lights are designed for longevity, providing a lasting, energy-efficient solution for your landscape lighting needs. Experience the charm of beautifully lit outdoors with our robust, appealing brass in-ground lights.

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FAQ of In-Ground Well Lighting

What are in-ground well lights used for?

In-ground well lights, also known as ground lights or uplights, are often used to highlight architectural features, trees, statues, or other landscaping elements. They provide upward illumination, creating a dramatic and visually appealing effect.

What are the best materials for in-ground well lights?

Materials like brass and stainless steel are popular choices due to their durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

Can in-ground well lights be used in driveways?
  1. Yes, certain models of in-ground well lights are designed to be "drive-over", meaning they can withstand the weight of a vehicle without damage. These are typically made from durable materials like stainless steel.
Can in-ground well lights be adjusted?

Many in-ground well lights have adjustable bulbs, which means you can change the direction of the beam. This is helpful for precise lighting control.

Is a transformer included?

No, you have to buy separately.

How many lights can be used in one transformer?

It sepends the load of ransformer and the watts of lamp you uses in lights. If they are equal. It's OK.
For example, Transformer is 100W, load is 80%. LED Lamp is 10W so you can use 8 lights with this transformer.

Does this kit include wiring? If so how many feet?

No just about an 18” lead off the fixture.

Can these fixtures be used with rgb-w multiple color bulbs?

Yes, rgb bulbs are also applicable.

What if I have more questions?

Consult our landscape lighting experts by email

Call our Customer Support specialists at (559) 725-1658 (M-F 8am-8pm; Sat-Sun 10am-6pm ET).