Gardenreet Cast Brass LED Underwater Pond Light for Submersible,Waterfall,Pool,Fountain and Without Bulb (2801)

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  • HEAVY SOLID BRASS - With its exquisite luxurious antique bronze design, these 12V low voltage underwater lights for ponds enhance the ambiance of your ponds and elevate your lifestyle. Our pond lights are built to last as they won't rust or corrode. With the weighty brass mount, it remains stable underwater, making it perfect for fountains and ponds. For added security, the mount can be attached to the ground with screws. (Drilling required). Ideal submersible pond lights & underwater lights.
  • IP68 WATERPROOF - These strong waterproof fountain lights & underwater lights for pool are designed with a focus on sealing every detail, providing greater water resistance than other IP65 weatherproof backyard decor alternatives. The flat glass lens of the fountain light & LED pond lights is fastened with rust proof screws and sealed using a silicone 0-ring. The wire exit of the LED fountain lights is watertight to avoid water damage, ensuring a longer lifespan even when submerged underwater.
  • OPTIMAL ILLUMINATION - The plug-and-play G5.3 socket of our light makes it easy to replace bulbs. Customize your lighting with LED MR16 bulbs (not included) up to 8W or MR16 halogen bulbs (not included) up to 50W, and choose your preferred brightness and color. With an adjustable knuckle, our submersible fountain lights & water lights can modify the lighting position 270° vertically. The waterfall light can rotate horizontally up to 360 degrees, enhancing the charm of your outdoor fountain.
  • Wide Applications - The bright LED lights & underwater LED lights are perfect outdoor landscape lights for fountains, ponds, fish ponds, sculpture, waterfalls, swimming pools, the backyard, water feature, garden, and the aquarium. These submersible LED pool lights are also ideal outdoor LED lights for outdoor decoration, adding a fun atmosphere for a party. The LED outdoor lights light up the pool toys and create an enchanting ambiance during nighttime, delighting both adults and children.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - These underwater lights for fountains come with a 24'-#16/3 UL-listed copper lighting wire, offering you greater flexibility during installation to meet your various needs. Install the transformer (not included) that reduces the voltage to 12V. Connect the lead wire of the underwater light fixtures to the transformer (not included). Gardenreet stands behind its brass submersible lights, meeting the industry's premium standards and offering a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Finish: Antique Bronze
  • Voltage: 9 -15v
  • Current: Do not exceed 25Amps
  • Lamp : MR16( not included)
  • Wire lead: 24'-#16/2 lighting wire
  • Use Low voltage landscape transformers(not included)
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  • Lifetime warranty on brass products. 
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Experience the Magic of Outdoor Lighting with Pond Lights

underwater pond lights

Heavy Solid Brass Waterproof Lights

Our solid brass submersible pool lights are durable and corrosion-resistant. They are perfect outdoor lights and lights for pool at night.

underwater led lights

Silicone O-ring of the Well-sealed LED Pool Light

The well-sealed o-ring avoids water damage, which makes it perfect LED lights outdoor, outside lights for house, outdoor house lights, and pool decorations outdoor.

underwater led lights

Thumb Screw for 270° Vertical Angle Modification

The waterproof LED lights can rotate 270° vertically, which makes it ideal for outdoor lighting for yard, outdoor pool decor, landscape lighting, landscaping decor, and accent lighting.

underwater pond lights

Sealed Wire Exit of the Waterfall Lights Outdoor

The wire exit of the water light is watertight, which makes it perfect waterproof pool lights, underwater pool lights, LED lights for outside waterproof, and lights outdoor waterproof.

Outdoor Decor for Yard & Outdoor Garden Decorations

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Pond Lights for Outdoor Ponds

At night, the pond lights unveil a whole new enchantment of the pond, koi pond, and trough. They make good pond accessories for outdoor ponds.

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Fountain Lights LED Underwater

The underwater lights for fountains seem to work their magic on the fountain, enchanting it with captivating light that dances in the flowing water.

underwater waterfall lights

Outdoor Waterfall Lights

The LED waterfall lights light up a water fall, rock waterfall, water feature, backyard, garden, trough. They make good waterfall lights outdoor.

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Lights for the Pool

Our stylish brass swimming pool lights and underwater LED pool lights are suitable for outdoor décorative lighting and pool area decorations outdoor.

Better Underwater Pond Lights & Outdoor Light

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GU5.3 Socket for Personalized Lighting

The GU5.3 socket allows you to customize your lighting by using different types of MR16 bulbs that fit in the socket, which can help you achieve the desired lighting effect. Ideal LED lights for pool, under water lights for pool at night, swimming pool lights underwater, and lights around pool.

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Outdoor Lights for House & Outdoor Lights for Yard

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Our Waterproof Lights for Fountain are Easy to Install

Easy to Install

1️⃣ Determine the location of the transformer installation by placing it close to an electrical outlet and away from any vegetation that may block the photoelectric timer.

2️⃣ Determine the location of the fixture, plan the wiring, dig a shallow 3-inch trench, place the cable into the trench without burying it, and connect the wires to the transformer.

3️⃣ Place the fixture in the planned location.

4️⃣ Connecting the fixture leads to the main cable with two connectors. Make sure the cable is kept from the power supply first.

5️⃣ Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all other fixtures, plug the transformer into the socket and bury all exposed wires after all the lights are working correctly.

Note: Fixture(s) should be used "ONLY" with low voltage landscape power units that do not exceed 25A, 15V.

Start a Wonderful Journey with our Landscape Lights

Expand Your Living Space

It provides a broad light that covers the field that indoor lighting can't reach, expanding the possibilities for your outdoor space until dawn.

Enhance Your Home's Charm

Outdoor landscape lights bring your home to life after dark, highlighting its layout. With the right lights, your home's value can skyrocket.

A Safe Way Towards Home

Our floodlights safeguard your security, lighting up your path back home. The lights keep unwanted intruders away and ensure undisturbed space.

Good Gifts for Family

Gardenreet flood lights would also make excellent gifts for your family or friends who love gardening and garden decoration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Koi man
Well worth the price.

Quality product. Watertight and bright. One light illuminates my 3,000 gallon pond. Have tried many cheaper pond lights, all developed leaks. More expensive but worth it. Highly recommend.

Ra Mu
Good quality

Good quality and nice brightness. Easy to set it up. It works with 12v ac low voltage transformer.

Outstanding Looks And Quality

First of all, these are beautiful lights. They arrived in perfect condition, including the bulbs. Second, the quality of the design is excellent. Other reviewers have claimed there is a problem with leakage, that you have to use plummer's tape on the screws, and waterproof calking after you insert the bulb and this is absolutely not true. I suspect anyone who had a leakage problem did not tighten down the four screws enough. When the unit arrives, the screws are not set in all the way as they are just in place for shipping. You unscrew the four screws, remove the glass, put in the bulb, and then replace the glass and screw down the top. There is an excellent gasket in place, but if you just tighten the screws to the same level as when you received the unit, yes, it will leak. You must continue to carefully, methodically, tighten the four screws all the way to the point where there is no more than a 16th of an inch between the brass base and the top cover. If you do that, as I did, you will have NO problem with leakage and you don't need to use tape on the screws or apply waterproof caulking.

Think Twice
You may need contact cleaning spray to get a good connection to the bulb

In response to someone's question about the MR 16 bulb being loose, I had the same problem, at least in the sense that when I assembled the light, *after having tested the bulb and the initial placement of the light in the receptacle with a 9v battery,* it would not light. I gave it a shot of contact cleaner and now it works. My guess is there's some gunk left over from manufacturing that can prevent good contact at times. No directions, and no connectors. Ding for that, too. Otherwise looks good.

Great product.

Extremely well made and high quality.

Jimi Cliff
This is the one

Been building ponds since 1968, yea I've had some practice. Didn't get my first lights till mid 80's, plastic of course, I thought that's all that was available, I became accustomed to their mediocre performance. The Gardenreet kicks ass, no weight needed to hold it down. Cleaning metal versus plastic is another feature. They should sell a transformer as well but they don't, that's my only complaint.

K. Desai
Great quality.

Fantastic quality light. I use this in my fountain and hooked it up to an existing low voltage line. It is very heavy and feels very well made. It didn't come with a bulb so make sure to order separately

Bright Light!!

Replaced two underwater lights in my pond with this leakproof light.

Lee Bradshaw
Great underwater lights!!

These are the nicest underwater lights I've ever seen. They put out just enough light, are heavy and stay put, and have super long heavy cords for easy placement anywhere in pond. Mine didn't come with bulbs, but Gardenreet sent them to me in 3 days. Excellent customer service and high quality lights. Highly recommend!!

Very good brightness!

Used for in-house fountain