Our Laboratory: Leading Innovation in Lighting Technology

At Gardenreet, our dedication to quality and innovation is reflected in our state-of-the-art laboratory, where rigorous testing ensures our lighting solutions excel in performance and durability.

Integrating Sphere Optical Test

This test measures the total luminous flux and color temperature, guaranteeing our lights deliver the perfect brightness and hue for various outdoor settings.

Waterproof Test

Each of our fixtures undergoes rigorous waterproofing tests, achieving an IP65 rating, which certifies them to withstand heavy rains and moist conditions—making them ideal for all climates.

UV Accelerated Weathering Test

Our products are exposed to intense ultraviolet light to simulate prolonged sun exposure, ensuring they maintain their integrity and color stability over time.

Salt Spray Test

This test evaluates corrosion resistance by exposing our products to harsh salt mist environments, essential for durability, especially in coastal areas.

LED Performance Test

Our specialized oven tests LED components under extreme conditions to simulate years of operation, assessing their long-term performance and stability.

Aging Test

We simulate extended use to detect potential degradation or failure points, ensuring our products' longevity and reliability.

IES Test

We conduct Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) tests to generate photometric data, crucial for understanding how our fixtures distribute light in different applications.

Constant Temperature and Humidity Test

This test assesses how well our lights perform under varying environmental conditions, ensuring consistent performance no matter the weather.

Our laboratory is more than just a testing facility; it's the cornerstone of our promise to deliver excellence. Each test we conduct is a step towards ensuring that Gardenreet products are not only innovative but also set standards for quality and durability in the industry.