Professional Grade Landscape Lighting

Who We Are

Gardenreet stands as a leading authority in the realm of professional outdoor landscape lighting. Our premium, durable, and innovative lighting products have earned the trust and love of customers worldwide. From delicate patio illuminations to grandiose park lighting solutions, our products illuminate your outdoor spaces uniquely.

Our Story

From inception, Gardenreet was rooted in the idea of delivering distinctive, high-quality lighting solutions for every outdoor space. Our founders, fueled by this vision, embarked on the journey of researching and developing products that could withstand varying weather conditions while offering exceptional lighting. After years of dedication, we've grown from a modest startup to an industry leader, serving customers around the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create superior outdoor lighting products that blend aesthetics with functionality. We believe each outdoor space has its character that our products can illuminate, giving it a unique charm at night and enabling people to enjoy outdoor living more fully.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Gardenreet® products are manufactured to the highest standards of construction and performance, and are field tested for durability and ease of installation, and UL safety certified for quality products you can trust.

Our Sustainability Commitment

As a company deeply aware of its social responsibility, we adhere to sustainability and prioritize eco-friendliness. Our products are crafted using environmentally-friendly materials and employ energy-efficient LED bulbs. Furthermore, we actively participate in various social initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life within communities.

At Gardenreet, we deliver more than just high-quality products; we strive to enhance people's outdoor living experiences. We firmly believe that a beautiful, comfortable outdoor space helps individuals relax and enjoy life.

We also recognize that while creating beauty, we need to minimize our environmental impact. Therefore, we are dedicated to developing low-carbon, energy-efficient products to fulfill our commitment to sustainability. Our goal is to ensure that through our efforts, people can enjoy outdoor living while also protecting our planet.

Thank you for choosing Gardenreet, for joining us in our mission to beautify outdoor spaces and make our world more sustainable. We invite you to visit our Shopify store and start your journey with outdoor lighting. Gardenreet, illuminating your world, safeguarding our Earth.