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Gardenreet well lights are a versatile and practical lighting solution that can enhance the beauty of any outdoor space and provide additional security for your home. Made with high-quality solid brass and reinforced PVC, they are designed to last for many years. Whether you want to illuminate your garden, pathway, or highlight a beautiful landscape feature, our in-ground lights are the perfect choice.

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Customer questions & answers

Can these fixtures be used with rgb-w multiple color bulbs?

Yes, rgb bulbs are also applicable.

Can 1 transformer be used for 12 lights or is 2 recommended for this product

It sepends the load of ransformer and the watts of lamp you uses in lights. If they are equal. It's OK.
For example, Transformer is 100W, load is 80%. LED Lamp is 10W so you can use 8 lights with this transformer.

Is a transformer included?

No, you have to buy separately.

Does this kit include wiring? If so how many feet?

No just about an 18” lead off the fixture.