Gardenreet 12/2,14/2,16/2 Low Voltage Landscape Wire, 100/250/500 Feet Outdoor Direct Burial Landscape Lighting Cable for Spotlights, Path Lights, Well lights(UL Listed)

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  • Specifications- With low resistance and good conductivity of high precision oxygen-free copper so that your light can be used further away without worrying about voltage reduction and overheating.
  • Easy to use - The wire is soft and easy to solder, and you can easily peel off the insulation to expose the copper wire and connect it to lamps, transformers, and other cables without much effort.
  • Durable material - PVC insulation material, working temperature up to -30 ° C to 105 ° C, you can rest assured that the wire is buried deep in the soil, pool, or house roof without worrying about corrosion, water, sun, UV damage, and other problems.
  • Widely used - It is suitable for devices with a voltage less than 300V; you can use it to connect your spotlights, path lights, step lights, deck lights, and underwater lights, and it can used to light up your beautiful home.
  • Quality and Safety - With UL safety certification, and reliable quality, you can rest assured that with the VW-1 fire rating, you do not have to worry about circuit overload leading to wire fire.

Color: ‎Black
Material: ‎Copper
No. of Conductor: 2
Power Source: ‎Ac/Dc
Voltage: 30V
UL Listed
Applicable equipment: Lighting equipment with voltage below 300V

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The Gardenreet Low Voltage Landscape Wire


The wire insulator is composed of PVC material, which is resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and abrasion. You can safely bury the wire deep in the soil or place it on the surface without worrying about the effects of rainy days.

Adaptation to extreme environments

Wire temperature difference to adapt to a wide range can be in -30 ℃ ~ 105 ℃ temperature regular use. You don't have to worry about being scorched by the sun or frozen by snow, thus affecting your outdoor line safety

Flexible and easy to use

The wire is flexible and easy to use, and you can easily cut the skin with a knife or wire strippers to connect your outdoor landscape fixtures.

UL certification

The wire meets the authoritative safety certification of UL , which can make the safety of your electricity and give you a high-quality experience.

Why Choose Gardenreet Wires

We provide easy-to-use, safe, and reliable wires through rigorous production work. There is no greater peace of mind than using this wire to connect your outdoor fixtures.

  • Conductor Size: 14AWAWG X 2C
  • Composition: 41/0.25±0.008mm
  • Conductor Materia: Stranded bare copper construction
  • Insulation Material: PVC
  • Diameterl: 1.84mm
  • Outer diameter: 4.30X8.50±0.20mm
  • Color: Black
  • Rating Voltage: 300V

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Charles Emma
Great products !! Great service!!!

The fixtures are very solid and classy.
Did my house and my brothers house across the street. We have many compliments from neighbors as to how elegant and how the calming mood is set on our home from the Gardenreet lighting!!

Great durability and easy to work with!

I used this for several patio, walkway, low volt lighting and it works great, easy to work with, bury etc. Great durability.

Great LV lighting cable at a great price

It's cable! The cable is of good quality, strips well, and is very flexible and easy to lay and route.

The price was much lower than in any big box store.

Used for underground walkway lighting.

So far, I have only used this as a low voltage underground wire for my walkway lights outside in my front yard. I have it run about 125 feet from transformer to the last light and have 8 LED lights on it. I spliced into the wire and connected my lights and buried it about 6 inches down. Since then it has rained, a lot, and I have seen no issues and the lights are nice and bright.

Wire worked out great

Installer very pleased with wire

Justin Ranucci
Shipping issue resolved

Had an issue with shipping but garden street reached out and made it right. Very pleased and will definitely order again.

Alan johnson

Landscaping lights are great!

Teresa Novicki
Gardenreet Low Voltage Landscaping spotlights

These lights and transformer are very well made. Quality material. Easy to install. Also came with the outdoor get wire nuts which was a surprise. I like that I can adjust the head/angle of the light. I searched and searched for path lighting, always getting the same suggestions until Gardenreet popped up. The price beat the contenders and I didn't realize the excellent quality of light and transformer until I received it. Very very happy with my selection of Gardenreet

Very impressed with the quality of products!

The quality of all the products we've ordered has been impressive. There have been a few shipping issues that were quickly resolved. We self installed the systems without any issues. Flood lights are subtle and spots are just what you would expect, depending on the wattage of bulbs. We recommend you try this company!

Alejandro Soto

Gardenreet 12/2,14/2,16/2,18/2 Low Voltage Landscape Wire, 100/250/500 Feet Outdoor Direct Burial Landscape Lighting Cable for Spotlights, Path Lights, Well lights(UL Listed)