Gardenreet Low Voltage Path Lights, Aluminum ORB Outdoor Wired Decorative Integrated LED Garden Lights with Unique Lighting Effect, 5W 200LM 2700K Warm White IP65 Waterproof Yard Lights for Backyard Patio Sidewalk (9404)

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  • Built to Last & IP65 Waterproof - These pathway lights are resilient against extreme temperatures ranging from -40℉ to 104℉ with LED chips of up to 50,000 hours of life. The sealed clear lens prevents water from entering and protect the LED chip from harsh weather conditions. These rust-resistant aluminum luminaries for outdoor decoration can withstand corrosion. They guarantee your safety by lighting up your pathway, and elevate the layout of your house, making it look more upscale.
  • Broad Light & Wide Applications - Our 5W wired landscape lights emit a 200 lumen warm white yellow fan-shaped light with a beam angle of about 150 degrees. Compatible with most transformers, our 9-17V low voltage wired backyard lights are safe for kids and pets. These aluminum construction walkway lights are ideal bollards shaped outdoor pathway lights for your garden pathway, walkway, driveways, front yard, patios, lawn, flowerbed, shrub, terrace, or backyard.
  • Stylish ORB Finish & Anti-glare Design - Our low profile wired landscaping sidewalk lights with stake feature a vintage elegant ORB finish that exudes antique elegance to impress your neighbors, perfect for traditional home decor fans. Down lighting prevents glare. The clear lens of the outdoor lighting path lights allows for brighter exterior ambient lighting. With a CRI greater than 85, the plant looks natural under the light at night. Ideal garden lights and lawn lights.
  • Consistent Lighting & Energy Efficiency - Unlike solar-powered options, our wired low voltage path lights ensure stable and reliable lighting without concerns about insufficient solar energy due to weather conditions. The LED chip saves 80% of energy compared to halogen bulbs. Our low watt outdoor yard lights will continue to provide stable illumination for your walkway. Perfect outdoor landscape lights and LED driveway lights for outdoor decor.
  • Easy Installation - Simplify your outdoor lighting setup with our 22" tall metal decorative pathway light fixture. Integrated design does not require bulb installation, saving time and effort. Simply secure the durable and heavy duty aluminum stake into the ground and connect the wire to your transformer (not included) using the wire connectors we provide. We stand by our fancy product with a 3-year warranty to guarantee your satisfaction with our customer service.
  • Finish: ORB
  • Material: Heavy Duty Aluminum
  • Voltage: 9 -17v
  • Current: Do not exceed 25Amps
  • LED: Integrated LED(5W, 200LM, 2700K Warm White, 50,000 Hours Of Life)
  • Stake: ABS Ground stake, 1/2"NPT thread, slotted for ease of installation
  • Lens: Clear
  • Beam Angle: About 150 Degrees
  • Warranty: 3-Year
  • Use Low voltage landscape transformers(not included)

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yard light

LED Yard Lights & Outdoor Yard Decorations

These die-cast aluminum construction outdoor pathway lights provide illumination for pathways at night, reducing the risk of tripping hazards. Ideal low voltage landscape lights for front yard decor and back yard ornaments.

garden light

Garden Lights & Garden Decor Ideas

Our retro dark brown LED garden lights with metal stakes enable plants to unleash their magical colors even at night. Ideal low voltage lights for outdoor garden decor, garden ornaments, and lawn ornaments

driveway light

Outdoor Driveway Lights & Driveway Lighting

Our cast-aluminum brown finish corded driveway light with a ground spike illuminates your way home and ensures your safety. Ideal path and area light for outdoor driveway lighting.

patio light

Outdoor Lights for Patio & Patio Lighting

Outdoor patio lighting creates a warm cozy ambiance for delightful moments of barbecues and parties outdoors. Ideal outdoor lighting for front patio.


1.What is the lumen output of each low voltage pathway light? Dimmable?

Each low voltage all-weather path light emits 200 lumens of brightness, consuming only 5 watts of power, outperforming other products. The pathway lights are not dimmable.

2.What is the operating voltage of these lights? What size transformer is required? Is the transformer included?

9-17V. The total wattage of these outside low voltage landscape path lights should not exceed 80% of the transformer's wattage. If you install four 5W lights, choose a transformer with a capacity of at least 25W. The transformer needs to be purchased separately.

3.Does this come with the wire and connectors? Are the stakes metal?

Each hardwired light comes with wires and 2 connectors, but you need to purchase additional wires for connecting the transformer to the fixtures. The ground stakes are made of sturdy aluminum, making them less likely to break and easy to install.

4.When installed what is the height of lamp above ground? What is the diameter of the hat shade?

About 16 inches. The diameter of the lampshade is 2.5 inches. Our low voltage wired outdoor path lights are perfect for outdoor yard decorations, outdoor garden decorations, backyard decor, and outdoor decorations.

5.Can light bulb be replaced?

Our out door lights feature an integrated design with non-replaceable LED chips. However, our pathway lights are durable, featuring corrosion-resistant aluminum material.


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Start a Wonderful Journey with Gardenreet!

  • Extended Outdoor Living

Outdoor landscape lighting allows you to continue outdoor activities even after the sun sets. Enjoy having a barbecue, hosting a party, or simply spending quality time with family and friends.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics

Homes with outdoor low voltage landscape lighting exude a sense of style, reflecting the homeowner's taste, contributing to a sense of well-being, and providing passersby with an enjoyable visual experience.

  • A Safe Way Towards Home

At night, outdoor walkways without lighting can be dangerous. Outdoor landscaping pathway lights light up your way home, significantly enhancing visibility, ensuring your safety, and preventing intrusions.

  • Accent Lighting

Without lighting, sculptures, plants, fountains, and other elements fade into darkness at night. Through outdoor décorative lighting, your yard continues to exude endless charm even after the sun sets.

  • Increased Property Value

A house with outdoor low voltage lighting appears more upscale, elevating its aesthetic value and overall experience. The value of your property soars with enhanced visual appeal and perceived worth.

  • Nice Gifts for Your Family and Friends

Our low voltage pathway lights make cool birthday gifts for moms, nice housewarming gift, and gardening gifts for gardeners.

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